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On the other hand, the profitability tracking feature lets you view details such as labor costs, expenses, and income. We’re not about to call ourselves perfect, but we do believe we’ve created something pretty cool. We formed ZipBooks with small business owners in mind, not just accountants. Consider our price structure compared to QBO’s most popular plan. We are big supporters of cloud-based software—check out our post on Xero vs QuickBooks to  see why. However, we also believe that one of the best advantages of cloud-based products is the freedom to offer great prices.

  • The Workers screen lets you track information on all of your employees, but you’ll have to add either Self-Service Payroll or Full Service Payroll from Intuit to pay your employees.
  • Be sure to look at the fine print when purchasing since the price displayed is only good for the first three months of the contract.
  • They may offer a different price after the initial consultation.
  • However, it offers an option to add payroll services to the core plan at an additional price, with payroll starting at $22.50/month for the first three months.

The invoices list provides you with a nice overview of all invoices that have been posted, as well as their current status. You can choose to do as much or as little as you like in QuickBooks Online by indicating exactly what your preferences are during the initial setup process. If you do not check one of the boxes such as “Pay your employees,” and later find your company has grown and you need to set up a payroll system, you can always add that feature at a later time. I believe Quickbooks Online reports are not that customizable like the offline Quickbooks versions. Both QuickBooks Online Advanced and QuickBooks Enterprise are intended to be used by small businesses with complex needs (such as manufacturers or distributors) who also require advanced inventory.

Can QuickBooks Online do payroll?

You can learn the setup with time, but it’s confusing at first since it’s such a drastic change. Besides being the overall best accounting service for small businesses that I’ve reviewed, QuickBooks Online Plus is also the most expensive. For $85 per month, the Plus plan adds the ability to track inventory and project profitability. It also increases the number of people you can have on the account to five. Not all features are available on the mobile apps and mobile browser.

  • It also lets you update inventory costs and quantities, separate taxable from nontaxable items, and set up alerts if you’re running out of stock.
  • You have to pay for the best perks (see the pricing below), but they can be worth it if it means you can save money on hiring a full-time bookkeeper.
  • All of these small costs can add up, making your end bill higher than the predictable $30-$200/month fee.
  • QuickBooks Online is for more accounting-focused businesses looking for a web-based system, and/or a business that wants access to the large app-based ecosystem QuickBooks offers.

If our guide hasn’t helped you arrive at a conclusion as of yet, perhaps some of these other answers to common questions may help. QuickBooks Enterprise offers both locally installed and cloud-hosted offers, which is in contrast to having to pick one or the other via QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Pro/Premier. Relevant resources to help start, run, and grow your business.


I own multiple software products that do not charge such insane prices for updates. Get the best pricing & expert guidance on QuickBooks Payroll from Fourlane. Simplify payroll with automated tax filings and improved cash flow. Ditch the shoebox of receipts and let QuickBooks track potential tax deductions for you. QuickBooks matches receipt photos to transactions and sorts them into tax categories automatically. Avoid year-end surprises with our automatic quarterly tax calculations that helps you know how much money to set aside.

Users can add sales tax to an invoice, collect sales tax for multiple agencies, and use the Sales Tax Liability Report to view tax information at any time. Users can create custom tags and organize up to 40 tag groups to classify transactions as a type of income or expense. The accounting software will sort transactions automatically into tax categories.

QuickBooks Online Pricing: What does it really cost?

Unfortunately, the biggest complaints about QBO are about the lack of customer service and the buggy software. QuickBooks has partnered with payment processors bookkeeping for landscaping businesses like PayPal, Stripe and Square. However, if you link your QBO account with QuickBooks Payments, (formerly Intuit Merchant Services), the fees are standardized.

qbo online pricing

Multi-factor authentication is required, and the company safeguards your data using AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard with 256-bit keys), which ensures the highest level of cryptographic security. Intuit also participates in established partnerships with multiple security organizations and alliances to help make sure that your data is protected by the best methods available. Send and receive 1099 forms from independent contractors and track their payroll separately from that of full-time staff. They now only sell QuickBooks Pro and Premier products as Pro Plus and Premier Plus subscriptions in place of one-time purchase licenses.

QuickBooks Online pricing

If they use their smartphones, the app can alert them if they ever forget to clock in or out of the office. But you’ll still have to choose the specific packages for each one. After the initial setup, you’ll still receive regular bookkeeping support. It has everything from the Plus plan but with more integrations and customizations. For example, you can set up automatic workflows and backups for better efficiency and productivity. If you have an online store, the Plus plan can be best for you.

qbo online pricing

QuickBooks features an intuitive user interface and isn’t difficult to navigate. However, users who aren’t tech- or accounting-savvy may require additional support, which QuickBooks offers. However, the desktop version lacks many of the features available in the cloud-based version, so you should carefully review the details on QuickBooks’ pricing page. You can also read our comparison of QuickBooks Desktop vs. Online for an overview of the pros and cons. QuickBooks Online uses bank-grade security to protect your data, and you can enable two-factor authentication.

QuickBooks Online Pricing & Costs Explained

The fees at the time of this review are $200 for monthly company expenses between $0 and $10,000; $300 for monthly expenses between $10,000 and 50,000; and $400 for monthly expenses above $50,000. Small businesses need cost-effective accounting software that’s easy to use but still has the features they need to get the job done. Widely regarded as the top accounting software for small businesses, QuickBooks offers it all. With affordable pricing and various plans that suit businesses of different sizes, QuickBooks has elite features in packages that will suit a variety of businesses. Some business owners get surprised by price increases QuickBooks makes.

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You don’t get interactive views in areas like sales and expenses. QuickBooks Online’s product records are some of the best you’ll find in small business accounting applications. They offer individual templates for both inventory and non-inventory parts, services, and bundles (assemblies). Inventory record templates include fields for both item sales and purchase information, with corresponding costs and accounts. If you want to track inventory, you can enter a starting quantity on hand within the record, and the system will continue to track it, so you know when to reorder or stop stocking particular items. You can also see how many items are on purchase orders already.

Get all the functionality of basic reports plus the ability to run specific budgeting, inventory, and class reports. If you invoke the guarantee, QuickBooks will conduct a full n evaluation of the Live Bookkeeper’s work. We’ll transfer your data for you with QuickBooks Payroll Elite. With QuickBooks Payroll Premium, you’ll transfer your own data but we’ll review to make sure everything is correct. Yes, you can upgrade to another plan from any version of QuickBooks Online.