The CSSTOG is the European body which identifies, develops, selects and recommends areas for increased cooperation across Customer Support, Training and Operational Services. Support is provided to members to deliver S-Series training courses and to develop Generic Models for contracting.

In cooperation with other ASD committees, particularly those reporting to the Services Commission, the CSSTOG can advise on the widespread adoption of Integrated Product Support Specifications. It can also provide guidance on the use of various contracting models (eg: PPP, PFI, PBL), customer/supplier partnering behaviors, civil/military convergence and how to migrate between contracting concepts.

Finally, it can provide support on the use of Industry Standards for supply, service, support, operational training and simulation on practical applications, establishing interoperability guidelines across multiple platforms and products.

Roberto Luciani, Leonardo
Roberto Luciani, LeonardoChair
Andreas Kirchhofer, Sopra Steria
Andreas Kirchhofer, Sopra SteriaVice-Chair