Working group 2 contributes to the development of quality criteria to help / enable users of the ASD S-Series specifications to start a self-assessment of Software tools with respect to their ASD S-series coverage, using the following check list. For each S-Series specification, where software implementations to support its usage may be available, the aim of CSSTOG is to provide one of these check lists; as the one you have here. Please refer to the CSSTOG download center to find checklists to the specifications.

The check lists

It is suggested that three categories of checks will be required for each of the S-Series Specifications, namely:

  1. Compliance with S-Series requirements
    What is necessary to show the fulfilment grade relative to a certain version of the very specification, with respect to functionality and or information handling?
  2. Interfaces to relates S-Series Software tools/solutions
  3. Interfaces to other process support Software tools (outside the S-Series)
    Like Engineering/ERP.

ASD SVC CSSTOG does not prefer or disapprove any software tool – commercial or not. This check list shall be used to assess professional / functional criteria only.