The goals of Working group 3 work is to ensure high quality with regards to the training of ILS/IPS S-Series of Specifications.

WG3 develops criteria and proposals for the process of certification for training applicable to the ASD IPS S-Series specifications, applicable in the field of Integrated Product Support (IPS) or Integrated Logistic Support / Integrated Life Cycle Support (ILS).

The certification process is focused on training for ILS/IPS S-Series of Specifications, the ASD S6000T Specification for Training is focused on product training. Analogies and similarities will be taken into consideration.

Please refer to the CSSTOG download center to find the criteria proposed by Working Group 3.

Training objectives correspond with the level of training.

The general objective is compliance of the training with the spirit and content of the specifications.

Training courses are usually classroom trainings with a teacher in front of the audience, presenting the topics with a visual aid, properly supported by papers or books. (Traditional Seminars).

Modern communication techniques allow virtual communication between the teacher and the students. (Virtual Seminars, also known as Webinars)

Computer technology also allows video lessons supported by online materials, live chats, forum, and Computer-Based Training (CBT).